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The Next Step in Skin Care Products

Our Revivasol product line is manufactured from the best domestic ingredients, and very exclusive ingredients imported from Europe and China, to aid in exceptional cell repair and improve the overall texture of the skin. The entire Revivasol skincare line is designed to minimize wrinkles, age blemishes, and protect against UV damage. Revivasol Products have the benefit of worldwide ingredients and the expertise of Dr. Yin-Xiong Li who has spent his career in both the US and China. 

As a result, our ingredients are matched and balanced to achieve remarkable measurable effects desired by the user. Radiant Creation also plans to private- label for other cosmetic manufacturers.  We are using both the most advanced enhancing ingredients made today along with natural ingredients proven over centuries in China.  Our China connection   gives us access to one of the oldest proven systems of medicine created in the world.


Revivasol Day Cream

The day cream is light, non-oily, and provides anti-aging benefits as well as sun protection. Our patented formula in the lightweight, daytime lotion creates the environment necessary to protect and repair cells, and to improve the skin’s tone and condition. Lines, wrinkles, and puffiness around the eyes, are visibly and dramatically reduced with the application of this soothing, lightly-scented cream that has an oil-free sun protection factor (SPF), is long-lasting, and yet easy to remove. It is appropriate for all ages and skin types, including those particularly at risk for, or being treated for, skin cancer.

Revivasol Anti-Aging Night Cream

The moisturizing night cream has exceptional qualities to further improve skin overnight, and provides additional benefits when used in conjunction with the daytime formula. Gentle nourishment erases fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes, softens even deep wrinkles near the mouth and forehead, improves and brightens skin tone, and reduces redness and discoloration. Our anti-aging effect is enhanced by natural ingredients proven to help slow aging in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Revivasol Acne Gone

A revolutionary OTC acne treatment cream acts on the molecular level to almost immediately repair breakouts and skin discoloration, and can prevent future blemishes. Dramatic effects are often visible within 24 hours, without over-drying. This new approach to skincare that uses the body’s own efforts to promote an ideal, healthy status, rather than adding foreign, complicating ingredients, is soothing, restorative and eliminates the worry caused by acne. The product can be used for treatment or as a preventative for acne prone skin.

Revivasol Sport Block

 Sport Block is the perfect skin protection for beach or athletic activities, providing our patented UV DNA protection as well as UV-B and UV-A protection. Sport Block has all the protections of other Revivasol products and is unscented to avoid attracting insects.

Wrinkle Repair Cream

This deep conditioning gentle nourishment formula erases fine lines and crow's feet around the eyes, softens even deep wrinkles near the mouth and forehead, improves and brightens skin tone, and reduces redness and discoloration.  The anti-aging effect is enhanced by natural ingredients proven effective in Chinese Medicine.
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